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Today, Tor Ingar Jakobsen is mostly working within musical theater. Here you can read about some of his work in this field, both in Norway and the projects in New York.

Musical Theatre

Around 2010, Jakobsen started to do jobs as keyboard player, rehearsal pianist and arranger in different musical theater productions. And the coming years he worked on shows like ‘Jesus Christ Superstar, ‘West Side Story’, ‘The Producers’, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, ‘Which Witch’, ‘Frendelaus’, ‘Sofies Verden’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Hair’, ‘Cabaret’, ‘Phantom of The Opera’, to mention a few.  

At the same time he began composing for musical theater. The first musical he composed was ‘Den Magiske Julekrystallen’. (produced at Magnor 2011). The next year he composed ‘Jakten på Bene Skinnkniv’ (produced at Fetsund 2012). He then was commissioned by the institutional theatre, Nord-Trøndelag Teater, to compose music for the show ‘Jakob og Neikop’, (produced Nord Trøndelag 2013). At the same theater he was musical director for a production of a Prøysen cabaret the following year. 

As a member of the production company ‘Ramp Staging’, he worked as a musical director and arranger for their productions. Some of their productions include ‘Angrer Ingenting, the story of Edith Piaf’ (produced at Victoria Scene, Oslo 2016, and Hadeland Kultursal 2017). ‘Kjem Du I Kveld’, (produced at Hadeland Kultursal 2019) He was also the composer and musical director for the new production of ‘Bronsebukkene’, (produced by Hadeland Teaterlag 2018 and 2021).

New York based musicals 



In 2013 Jakobsen got his first job as a composer for a New York based musical, 'Under Her Hat'. The book and lyrics are written by Hana Roth Seavey. Stephen Borsuk was early on board as musical director, and he has also contributed as consultant for the creative team. The musical explores the relationship between Sheryl, the jewish high end hat designer, and Justin, her chinese boyfriend whose family has been involved in illegal counterfeiting. The musical had its first presentation at the TADA theater in New York in 2016. Have a listen to a song from this show at a rehearsal here.


In 2014 Jakobsen started working on the musical 'The Time of Nick'. The book is written by Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad, and the lyrics are by Abraham Tetenbaum. The musical is a family musical, and tells the backstory of Santa Claus, how Santa became Santa. After several workshops in New York, the musical had its first reading in Oslo, 2016. The show was shown in North Carolina in 2016, and had a Broadway showcase in 2017 and 2019. The cast members on the Broadway showcase included Broadway artists such as; Lillias White, Robby Clater, Paul Kreppel , Klea Blackhurst and Jack Sippel. The musical director was Bette Sussman. It was planned on opening in 2020 when covid hit, produced by Robert Clater, Leisa Kay and Frank Basile. The producers are currently working on another opening post covid.

(Have a listen to some of the demos from this show here)

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