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NRK TV, Norwegian TV Feature about the musical 'The Time of Nick'

'Wedding March from Hadeland', composed by Tor Ingar Jakobsen, performed by 'The Norwegian Radio Orchestra'. This performance is from Operafest i Røykenvik, June 2023.

From a rehearsal for the musical 'Under Her Hat'. Jessica Ruana as Cheryl, singing her opening song, 'Hats are Easier Than Men'. Stephen Borsuk at the piano.

Music: Tor Ingar Jakobsen

Lyrics: Hana Roth Seavey

Lexie Faith is singing a vocal track for a demo of 'Just What I Always Wanted' from the musical 'The Time of Nick'. Lexie Feith 

Music: Tor Ingar Jakobsen

Lyrics: Abraham Tetenbaum

Book: Hanne Brincker & Ketil Kolstad

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